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Dorata’s remedy

For eye infections, such as conjunctivitis or sty. Add one tablespoon of fresh or dry camomile to one cup of water, boil for three minutes, and let it cool down. Strain and wash your eye with it, two or three times a day until the infection has cleared..

Origin: Native to north west Africa and southern and western Europe.

History, myths and legends: The use of Camomile as a medicinal plant was referenced by the Egyptians. Colonists brought the tiny precious seeds to America with them. Camomile has had a medical reputation in Europe and especially in the Mediterranean region for over 2000 years. It was used by the Moors and it was one of the Saxons’ nine sacred herbs, which they called ‘maythen’.

Remedies: Camomile calms anxiety and eases stress. It is safe for children and babies who have trouble sleeping or are under stress. It is an excellent tonic for the liver and digestive system.

Please note: It is advisable to check with your Doctor before taking any home remedies


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